Well there is this boy i like(Anthony Wallace Hall) and he is my BFFL.
And he told me that he like me(12-03-07),
So here is the conversation on the note i passed him:
Me: Do you like me?
Anthony: Why?
Me: I just wanted to know
Anthony: Maybe
Me: Wait, do you have a girlfriend?
Anthony: No
Me: So do you like me?
Anthony: Maybe do you like me?
Me: yess
Anthony: Ohh i like you too.
Me: You do?
Anthony: yeah
(bc at the time he didnt have a girlfriend... =] yah!!)

But then he tells me that he likes this other girl. =[
And so after a while he tells me that me and him should stop talking.
So he goes out with this girl, Savannah.
Then they break up and he starts talking to me again bc I apoligized.
So i'm still wondering if he likes me.
And so now he goes back out with Savannah.
So I ask him, "If next year i'm skinny will you go out with me??"
And of course he says "idk" me "how do you not know??" him "idk what you will be like next year"

So that might be a good sign but idk.

Right now im trying out for softball at my school and i have try-outs/practice everyday =]
So im loosing weight and im cutting junk food out of my diet! =]
And every summer i go down to Jo-Mama and Stanley's house in North Carolina and i swim like every day there.
So hopfully by September 08' i'll have lost a lot of weight(bc im fat as ever) and he will like me and go out with me =]
I know that my momn doesnt want me to date boys right now but w/e! haha

but ne wayz he's just a boy and i will move on... hopfully =]


so right now my girl BFF's are:

~Danielle Marie Vinette
~Chloe Michealle Casero
~Ashley Violet Cheff
~Essence M. Ownes
~Samantha Renee Mort

these are the best girls in my

At first Danielle and I hated each other(bc of Anthony... figures). We fought alot! Life was rough. But now we are friends and there is no going back now! =]]]]]] BFFL!!!!!! ily Danii Babii!

Chloe and I knew each other since 2nd grade. We have alwayz been friends and we always will be friends!!! =DDDD

Ashley, Ashley, Ashley! I just met this girl this year but em kay knew her b4(bc she is tabby cat's cousin). Me and her talk about pretty much everything! =D ihni what i would do in Gaskill if I never knew her! ily

Essence lives across the street fom me!! We are like ALWAYZ together!!!! there is nothing that can break us up =D Gaskill would be such a DRAG without you!!!! ily

Samantha!!!! where to begin???  Music would never be the same with out you!!!! I would not no who to turn to if you were not there. I tell you everthing!!!!! =D =]]]] BFFL fer Garenteed!!! I still cant believe that you have never heard ne of Micheal Jacksons songs uhhhh wow! but i still love you. lol. Im so mad that we are going to different exploritories! =[[ ily soooo much. I have never told ne of your secrets and i will never tell ne of them! Art is horrible. lol. "i get to learn about SEX with Anthony" =] lol haha inside joke. i'll miss you... now that we can only see each other in lunch bc u are on the other cluster. =[ ohh well ur still my BFFL!!! =DDDDDDD ily