OMG! Tyler has the cutest friend I've ever seen. It's kinda weird because his name is Tyler too but that's ohhkay. Tyler L. decided to lie to me and tell me that Meridith liked me. ugh. Sometimes I just can't stand Tyler. But I didn't even get to talk to Meridith alone, so I kinda want him to come over again soon. Meridith is only 12 and I'm 13 but it's cool. And other than him, I like D.J's friend, Robbie. OMG he's a cutie. What is up with me liking my cousins friends?

Anyway I hope I get one of them =] lol. No but really they are so cute, and I would be fine with either one.

So anyway, I've been righting songs latly. I wrote two today, and I want to know If they are good, So Lindz, when you get the chamce come over!!

And I got my phone working!!!!! =]]]]]]]] call. text. whatever. 930-9573

Oh and I am still waiting to see the Twilight Movie, and I'm on the 14th chapter in the fourth book, Breaking Dawn, and I am totally going to be in the thrid movie. I am going to play one of the wild, crazy vampires that Victoria creates and her name is Bree(so I dont even have to change my name lol) and she actually has talking lines, So yeah I'm going to be famous in 2010. So if you know me, you should be lucky.