ohhkay! so i havent wrote it a really long time! 
well me and my bestiee friend, Anna, got into this fight and she was telling Brandon all this stuff and i got pissed!
me and her are cool know but, still, you dont go bihind my back and say shit.
 well, i'm pretty much bored and there is nothing to do! grrr
when emkay gets home we are walking to BK to get a wooper and to see her BF!!

so Brandon has my yearbook and i need it back! grr
his friend Nick keeps saying shit about me and Brandon doesnt even say anything back.
it's like he doesnt even care.
me and Brandon went out twice and then we were just friends, but then he had to give me a note but he didnt.
idk why tho, uhhh it makes me so madd when people say that they are going to do somthing and then do a different thing!!!
i dont even know what to do anymore!
this sucks

so anyways!!!! 
i cant wait until FRIDAY!
my other bestiee, ASHLEY VIOLET FREAKING CHEFF is having her b-day party!!!
OMG! idk what to get her.

mine and anna's relationship is really great and same with ashley to but i want the kind of relationship that emkay and mandy have, i mean they are like PERFECT friends!!!!!

ohhhhhhh! and my 3rd BESTIEE, Essence, goes out with my freaking cousin!!!!!!! Essence + Tyler = <3

Well i g2g watch my show!!!!


P.S.- i promise i will start to write more often!!!!!!!

I <3 MY BESTIEE FRIENDS!!!!!!!! ASHLEY & ESSENCE & ANNA!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3